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We believe that the best way to grab people’s attention in a highly cluttered visual world is to engage on a human level. Everybody likes a good story and nearly all businesses have one but they don’t often recognise it. Our skill is to uncover and tell that story though the use of high-quality films.

This is how we work...

The brief

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We know that a film can be a very powerful promotional tool but it’s important that, as a client, you have clear objectives before you commission a film.

Is it to drive sales? To increase brand awareness? Or to build traffic to a website? The first step is for us to get a clear brief from the client to define the aims and ambitions of the project. We can then cost the film and suggest various creative approaches.

We shoot

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Once a budget and brief have been agreed, the next stage is to shoot the film.

Sea Blue Media uses high-quality cameras to capture images in High Definition. Even though the finished film will be widely viewed on  mobile devices, we still work with Broadcast quality images to maintain a high standard. The internet is saturated with poorly shot low-quality videos, which don’t get noticed. A premium quality film will help your business stand out and reach your marketing goals.

We edit

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This process takes all of the shot footage and condenses it down to the required length, with the aim to produce a film that flows easily and meets all of the objectives.

This first cut is published on a special site so the client can view the film and make comments. Once these changes are agreed, the video is finalised and prepared for publishing. Different lengths of the film can later be edited for different social media platforms like Twitter.

Production and publish

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The final film file is published for its intended use.

The file can be embedded in the clients website or if required published on Vimeo and You tube. We encourage and help our clients to build up a digital library of their footage so that unused clips can be exploited in future marketing campaigns. The key to maximising the film’s impact is to make sure people can find it, so it’s vital to market it to your target audience.

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Our latest work

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What our clients say

"Ant will encourage you to express yourself but without forcing you out of your comfort zone - you’re so relaxed while filming that you forget you are actually being filmed. I trust him implicitly as a director."

Writer and Broadcaster

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