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The world of online video is growing!

One of the most powerful story telling tools is video, but you have to look beyond the number of views to measure its value. The statistics supporting the popularity of video for all sorts of businesses are everywhere. Hundreds of hours are uploaded every second to You Tube and this growth is set to continue.

The power of video to inform and entertain is a great way for businesses to engage their customers and share their story. Today’s marketers have lots of choices of video platforms to push out their content. But the quality of this content has a big impact and video must be used alongside other marketing tools as part of a wider strategy. Given that over half of all video is used for brand storytelling,  it's vital the quality of the video matches your brand so finding the right professional video company is key.

The costs of producing video are falling, so more and more marketers are commissioning video content as part of their overall marketing strategy. Video content is not just useful to increase brand awareness or generate sales but also for Customer service and support. One of the biggest genres on You Tube is “how to’ videos.

The important thing is not to get to just hung up on the ROI of video alone. People’s engagement varies hugely and the best approach is to see its impact as part of a bigger picture. When combined with other marketing tools, video is extremely powerful and reaps results.

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" When working on my book promotion, Sea Blue Media created a film that captured my work better than I would have ever thought. My publisher and I have used the promotional film intensively for marketing and publicity and it has been a great success so far. I absolutely adored working with Sea Blue Media and look forward to doing it again in the future."


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