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Technology is shaping our future. Some 65% of children entering primary schools today are likely to work in roles that do not yet exist.

Technological developments are what futurologists are calling “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Things are moving so fast that well over half of children entering primary schools today are likely to work in roles that don’t currently exist.

So what’s the next big thing? Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, virtual reality, robotics or wearable tech, like trainers with built in screens - All these will shape our future, but what about developments with video?

Well, 4K Ultra HD resolution cameras are now cheap as chips. But this technology has far outpaced the back-end ability to get the images into the home via streaming or download services. This is a headache for Internet service providers and how they meet the high expectations of consumers.

One area that has seen considerable growth is drone techinogy. Unmanned drones are everywhere and they can do everything. But as Drones have taken off in popularity, problems with them are on the rise, resulting in new legislation. From now on, the flying of drones is set to be enshrined in law for the first time.

However, the big driver in digital image technology is definitely virtual reality. The VR industry is forecast to hit £100 billion revenue within the next 3 or 4 years. Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that Facebook is focusing on VR because it's the "next communication platform.”

One aspect of this development is 360 capture, the ability to record video images in full 360 degrees. Captured with a multitude of fixed cameras, these 360-degree videos are easily viewed without special glasses and they clearly show the trend for content designed for use in virtual reality entertainment.

All this new video content will go to feed the Internet's growing hunger for moving image. According to Cisco, by 2018, 84% of Internet traffic worldwide will come from video. It's big now but it's set to get even bigger!

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