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I need a video...don't I? Businesses across all sectors are realising how effective video can be as a powerful marketing tool...

“I need a video…don’t I?” Businesses across all sectors are realising what an effective and powerful marketing tool video can be. However, if you are new to using this medium, you’ll want to know what the pitfalls are, how costly it is and how you go about commissioning a video.

Firstly, consider carefully what your marketing objectives are and what outcome you hope to get from the finished video. In some instances video may not be the best tool for the job but remember, if produced professionally to a high standard, a video can stimulate and engage far more than print media. It’s a fact: People are 4 times more likely to watch than read the same content. And, 93% of marketers used video for online marketing in 2013.

Ok, so we know video works BUT what are the pitfalls? Consider that the Internet is awash with video content so your video needs to stand out. Just uploading a video shot on your phone won’t get traction - unless it’s of your cat (cat videos on YouTube generated 1.6 billion views!) Sea Blue Media has found that one of the most effective ways to communicate a message is to engage people on a human level – ask yourself ‘ What’s our story?’

Lastly, how much will it cost? Well that’s a tricky one, as it entirely depends on the complexity of the idea for the video but it doesn’t need the budget of a Hollywood epic to have an impact. Our tips are:

  • Think about why you need a video
  • Write a brief with as much detail as you can, outlining your marketing objectives
  • Allow time – a rushed ill-prepared idea will fail
  • Plan a marketing strategy to make sure as many people can see your video as possible, using social media for example
  • Consider building a digital picture library over time so you’ll have images and video to utilise on future campaigns

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" Sea Blue Media produces high-quality films that are informative, fun and engaging. Ant knows how to get the best out of people and in our case children, which is not easy! Sea Blue Media has helped fit2cook build up a library of strong footage, which we are constantly re-using on social media, website and e-newsletters, giving us a stream of relevant content to promote our business and engage with our clients."


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